Terms and Instructions

The turbines are sent out in terms of priority. Those who pay fully get them first. Next are those who reserve a turbine with a refundable $100 deposit. Allow around 6 months for delivery.

If you reserve one and later order more, the order gets shipped according to the last in the group you ordered, so you should reserve for the full number you wants.

There are no returns, but if parts are damaged or not working, a replacement will be sent. No replacement in cases of negligence. The warranty is for 5 years because the turbines are made to last. Full terms are on checkout.

This site is for paying in dollars and shipping from the US. The company may substitute a manufacturing location if a model is available from another location faster. There is a separate store for paying in Euros and shipping in the EU region  only.

The "wild card" choice of colors is according to your desires. You need to contact us about a custom quotation by emailing info@flowerturbines.com. Allow time for us to get back to you as this will be taken care of closer to the time of manufacturing.